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How can I help?

You can help by taking a moment to think before you throw. Ask yourself, can this be saved? what other ways can I use this before I toss it out?

Additionally, be mindful of how much water your household uses, and make sure not to leave any TV's or electronic devices plugged in overnight.

Let's take it a step further and consider how much you could save riding a bike or using public transportation on your commute each day.

Let's make it happen! 


Let's go all in on Sustainability!

Champion has always been one of the most ecologically minded waste management companies in the area. We make the extra effort to reuse and recycle as many disposables as possible. We frequently sort recyclables that have been intermingled with garbage in an effort to preserve the planet's rapidly diminishing supply of natural resources.

Watch Steve Howard deliver his TED Talk on what we can do to minimize our impact on the earth. 




Leading the way

Champion has launched and proudly supported projects that aggressively protect our environment. We understand the importance of keeping our communities clean and will continue to look for ways to combat climate change. We've also vowed to have all of our trucks converted to CNG (compressed natural gas) engines by 2020.

Watch the short video to see how CNG works!

Affiliated Groups

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