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Washington metropolitan areas
[ fastest ] growing waste company.

Who We Are

Champion Services Inc. (DBA ©CSWaste) is a family owned and operated business with over 30 years experience in providing solid waste management and recycling programs in the Washington D.C. Metropolitan Area. In just over 20 years Champion has become one of the Washington Metropolitan area’s most thriving waste companies by coupling old fashioned work ethic with cutting edge technology and savvy business maneuvers.

We pride ourselves on providing exceptional service at competitive prices. We cut out all of the hidden costs of waste and recycling removal and provide our customers with short concise invoices that show an agreed upon bottom line. This is why Champion is considered to be the future of solid waste and trash removal.

Champion boasts a stellar reputation as it pertains to quality of service and responsiveness. Our dedicated help desk employees are well trained, and eager to assist our customers with any and all inquiries or requests.

On the ground, our drivers all possess impeccable driving records. We move quickly leaving neighborhoods and businesses spotless, and very rarely miss even the smallest article of debris. Champion only observes 6 holidays; our trucks have been known to be out when other companies are not, delaying services for only the most serious weather conditions. In these rare incidents, service always resumes on the next scheduled collection date.

Welcome To The Family!