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Residential Services

Champion provides waste collection for residential communities of all types. We can develop programs tailor-made for your neighborhood, whether it be a single family home customer in the suburbs, or a high rise apartment complex in the city. 


  • Curbside waste removal
  • Backdoor waste removal
  • Trash room waste removal

  • Dumpster disposal

  • 9-month yard debris program


  • Community clean-ups 

  • Equipment customizations

  • Neighborhood  planning

  • Waste system engineering

Commercial Services

It’s a well known fact that many waste companies do not provide their services to the commercial sector i.e. Government offices, Private Businesses, Schools, etc. At Champion we have the equipment, man-power, and know how, to meet the needs of almost any organization or business. 


  • Toter disposal

  • Dumpster disposal

  • Compact installation and disposal

  • Roll off box provisions 


  • Frequent pick-up schedules

  • Mass recycling, etc. 

Industrial Services

Champion is well apt at working with the needs of industrial customers. We pride ourselves on being able to service everyone, regardless if you need containers for your construction materials, or pure man power for disaster relief. We’ve got it covered. 


  • Customer construction site plans

  • Waste removal demolitions

  • Emergency and Disaster relief and management